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Converting a school bus into a permanent residence is a bit like a coming-of-age story. You take a school bus, probably one very similar to the one you rode in elementary school, gut it entirely, and build a tiny home out of it. To me, the whole process just feels very charming, sustainable, and appealing. Ben and Mande, owners of Fern The Bus, are Michigan natives that wanted to experience a simpler life, traveling west. Fern found her color match in Banff, Canada!

This photo was taken in our beautiful hometown of Holland, Michigan. Our adventurepup is up for anything anytime! It's a small space, but we've got everything we need right here! In open fields of wildflowers. The inside with all of the updates.

I'm working on a much improved tour video. Should be done within a week. A further out shot from my time in space. Shiny and new! When we first began this skoolie lifestyle, we had no idea what was in store for us!

Our little home on wheels had garnered international attention which led to Jeff working on the Expedition Happiness bus, then the Great American Farm Tour bus, things started happening so quickly, next thing we knew we were starting blueridgeconversions and became a legit company! It's so awesome to be able to see Jeff create custom adventure mobiles for people all over the place.

If you're not already, follow us over there, we have several exciting projects starting soon that you won't want to miss!

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Still in Love! Brittany and Steven own this gorgeous, robin blue beauty and are traveling across the country completely off-grid. Along with their two pups, they plan on traveling coast to coast this summer.

You can follow on their journey at their website. You can learn about the trip from the link in our bio. As for the interior, they have a wood stove and full-size appliances.

Pretty impressive for an off-grid school bus! Laundry day is a lot easier when you can do it in your home. Creating their off-grid home in the Virgin Islands, Amanda and Joe Trattner are small business owners that want to spread the word about tiny living. Related Post: Tiny Houses. Their goal through the Simple Bus Life project is to encourage others to live more self-sufficient lives and have financial freedom.

We love the functionality of our tinyhouse kitchen. It is such an enjoyable space to cook in. Check out our website www. One love! IKEA ikeasink farmsink geartistry geappliances tinyhouseliving tinyhousemovement onelovebus homeonwheels unique goals blessed nofilter.

Looking out from the kitchen you can see the entire living room and bedroom. The area has lots of lighting, both interior and natural. Ahhh the feeling of finally having the house clean and organized again.

Our tiny house has been a little bit of a tiny hot mass lately!One of the appealing aspects of converting buses is that they come in a range of sizes, allowing you to pick a bus that fits your goals. Some questions we recommend considering are:. What do you want to do with the bus? Do you want to live and travel in the bus full-time? A full-size bus will offer more living space and versatility when laying out your floor-plan. Just want a weekend cruiser to take on vacation?

A short bus could be a great option for this! Ultimately, what you envision yourself doing with your bus will inform the type of bus to look for. Where do you want to take the bus? Want to visit some serious mountains? Plan on some extended driving? School buses get notoriously low gas mileage think less than 10mpgand the lower your fuel efficiency, the greater the impact on your wallet.

How much do you want to spend on the bus? Before you start bus shopping, get an idea of the price range you can reasonably afford. We opted to purchase an older bus with one of the lowest price-tags we could find.

Who will drive the bus? Are you going to drive the bus yourself? Keep in mind that the driving history of whoever eventually gets listed as a driver on your insurance policy will effect the premium rates. What class is your current license? C, BA, CDL Depending on the size of the bus you end up with, and the requirements of your home state, you might need to upgrade your license too. More on licenses further down.


This is definitely a question we wished we had spent more time researching before buying our bus! There are a range of engines and transmission combinations to be found under the hoods of different buses — not to mention air brakes vs. Fortunately, there is the internet.

We certainly wish we had answered these more fully before we started! We found our bus on Craigslist. It took a a few weeks of scouring listings before we found one that fit our budget and size requirements. Aside from Craigslist, there are a number of dealerships in the U. National Bus Sales — Multiple States.

Blog Readers — If you have helpful feedback about any of these places, feel free to share it via the comments section. Another option is to look for public auctions in which case a school district might be selling a bus they no longer use. To learn about any auctions near you, you might contact your local school district office and ask about used bus sales. After some online research, we found this helpful site that lists school buses for auction in different states: Public Surplus.

During our experience of applying for insurance with these companies, we learned that they will only insure fully converted vehicles.This article contains affiliate links.

While you never pay more you do get to help us by buying through our links! What bus is the best bus for a motorhome conversion? Trying to find that perfect bus to live in full time while travelling seems like such a huge task.

With a myriad of different options out there, it can become quite daunting and even off putting. If there are two or more you then that can be even harder.

I know when we started looking it quickly became quite overwhelming! So just what is the best bus for a motorhome conversion?

best school bus engine

Well the answer is easy. And kind of crap all at the same time. There is no one perfect bus for a motorhome conversion. But there are steps you can take to finding the perfect potential house on wheels for you and your situation.

Tour the 5 Best School Bus House Renovations

When we were looking for our bus to be converted into a motorhome we spent hours looking at everything from vans to trucks to buses. Some were half built in a backyard and some were professional fitouts. None were quite right for us.

Our initial idea was to purchase a Mercedes Benz Sprinter mini bus or something similar for our bus life. And there are alot of great reviews on these buses, as well as them being a popular bus to convert. The bonus of which was there are enough YouTube tutorials on building one of these out to sink a…well a bus converted to a motorhome really.

A mini bus converted to a motorhome has several pros going for it. They are easier to drive and to park. They are also more stealthy if done correctly and therefore it is much easier to free camp in populated areas without drawing too much attention to yourself.

But after several failed attempts to purchase one there was always some issue with the current owners whenever we asked about getting a vehicle inspection donewe turned to other options.

We wanted a short bus, nothing over 30ft. It had to be economical, no twin turboed V8s and nothing that ran on petrol.

Best Bus For A Motorhome Conversion – Which Bus For You?

Ideally it had to be a school bus just out of service — Australian regulations mean that school buses are regularly serviced and inspected to ensure they meet strict requirements. And lastly it had to have the head room to suit me. So we stopped worrying about that. Sometimes you just have to make these sacrifices right? There is every conceivable shaped and fitted out school bus that you can dream up.

Short ones, long ones, ex coaches and ex schoolies. Picking one for your full time travelling bus house life can seem like a huge task in itself.

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But just look at what it is you need. Do you want extra space? Looking for something that has a large amount of outside storage? Rear engined? Mid engined? Front engined?Ah the elusive diesel engine: power, strength and the raw horsepower to get the things done.

Ok we get it. Diesel is awesome but what diesel truck engine out there is truly the BEST? Cummins guys will fight until their dying breath that the Cummins 5. The debate is as old as Rudolf Diesel himself. Good thing someone else is willing to take the bullet for me.

The guys over at Capital Remanhave given it their best shot to rank the Top 10 Best and Worst diesel engines of all time. This article is about what they came up with. Did they hit the nail on the head or completely miss the target on this one? You need to tow something these engines have got you covered. It is a favorite of fleet managers because they run forever, have great torque to power ratio and can actually be rebuilt right in the frame of the truck.

Number 5 seems fitting for the best diesel engine for the sheer number of units currently still on the road. Ford adopted the Powerstroke officially in but was unofficially in production starting in The predecessors were bigger 6 cylinders however an International bean counter decided it would be a grand idea to chop off 2 of the cylinders producing a 4 cylinder engine.

Best diesel engine? I think not. Why We Like It: Ruff! Mack has always been known as a slow and steady workhorse. It produced its first hook and ladder fire engine inproduced over 6, trucks for the US and British Military during WWI and helped build the Hoover Dam in These are the engines that built America. The Mack E-7 was first produced in and lasted until the early 21st century. They are extremely simple to overhaul and rebuild and do exactly what you need for them.

Good on ya Mack! That and there only like 5 models. It is amazing how many people bleed yellow and rightfully so in most cases. There have been some catastrophic failures in the Caterpillar line of engines; the E is not one of them. This was a very successful engine for CAT as it was really the first evolved electronic engine that was done right.

This was such a great engine that the vast majority of Peterbuilt trucks in the mid 90s and 00s all had Caterpillar E engines in them.

The ECM design was easy to work with and bread a following of programmers that were able to write a variety of software for the engine. Even in the CAT E is still in millions of on-road and off-road applications across the world. Overall Caterpillar is the unofficial king of diesel engines and it deserves its place as number 3 on the best diesel engine list. It is extremely hard to time the fuel system and like the VW on the automotive side, working on the CAT requires special tooling you can only buy from Caterpillar.

The CAT was engineered to be disposable. Albeit the was used in a wide variety of application including many marine applications the CAT and later the CAT C7 were arguably better models. Why We Love It: How could you not immediately fall in love with this engine from the name alone? Kind of rolls off the tongue eh?! The Cummins Big Cam was the last real mechanical variable timing engine mass produced by Cummins in the The Big Cam replaced the small cam and was the first engine by Cummins to meet the Clean Air Act and noise regulations of that time.

There were four generations of the Cummins Big Cam engines, last produced in and was replaced by the N We love the Big Cam because of the raw horsepower it puts out as well as its reliability.Don't Laugh.

It gets better fuel economy than a pickup truck or full size van, costs half as much, and lasts twice as long. Want more?

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Follow us on. Facebook and YouTube. What you need to know. Cost : They're cheap! On the other hand, you can have your pick of shuttle buses like this for less than the cost of the lift! Fuel economy : No kidding, my bus gets better fuel economy than most full size pickup trucks and vans.

That's the advantage of a diesel. If you get a gasoline model you can expect considerably lower, about MPG. A word about diesel engines: The majority of these shuttle buses were built on a Ford chassis and were availble with two diesel engines.

One was one of Ford's best engines, the other one of the worst. The good one, the 7. In Ford began making their own diesel engine, the 6. Because of that I restricted my search to shuttles with a 7. Where they come from : The majority were purchased new by a public transit system, the rest by senior care facilities, hotels and airports. The one I bought, pictured here, was owned by the City of Antioch, California and used as their senior and paratransit bus.

best school bus engine

From there it was sold at auction and I bought it from the dealer. What's important about this is these vehicles have usually been well maintained and many, like mine, are 1-owner vehicles. They last more than twice as long as a regular van : Most passenger vans are good for aboutmiles. These regularly go a half million miles because they're built on a medium duty truck chassis, not a light duty. The 7.

best school bus engine

It means you get more value for your dollar. The one I bought hadmiles and I looked at some that had as few as 80, In other words, my used shuttle bus has more miles left on it han 2 brand new vans!Cummins recognizes the challenges a school bus technician experiences when maintaining school bus engines equipped with diesel particulate filter after-treatments.

This list of best practices is here to help. The typical school bus duty cycle requires the engine to operate with relatively high idle times, frequent stop and start events, lack of consistent engine and vehicle speeds, and light engine loads—all of which can impact the efficiency of the DPF. Specific parameter settings, routine and consistent regenerations, and using genuine ReCon diesel particulate filters from Cummins can assist with maintaining your DPF.

The following collection of best practices has also been compiled into a checklist that provides guidance for checking parameter settings, reading after-treatment performance, and ensuring that the DPF is healthy. This best practice checklist can be printed and filled out manually, or downloaded, edited and saved electronically.

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The specific rows have been color-coded to reflect which tool can be used to enable or adjust settings, as well as read specific performance metrics. PowerSpec is a free software tool that can be used to adjust select engine parameters and read limited engine reports. INSITE is a subscription-based service and support tool that provides a more comprehensive capability of adjusting engine parameters and calibration tools, as well as engine, after-treatment and trip reports.

One of the key operational activities that should be minimized when possible is idle time. When the bus system or student comfort is critical, continue to idle as needed. However, when possible, limit the idle time, as the engine is operating at low engine speeds, low engine loads, and providing low heat and airflow to the diesel particulate filter DPF.

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Additional idle shutdown feature specifications exist and will allow you to customize the feature to support your operation. Enabling idle shutdown allows the bus to automatically turn off after a specified period of time. This feature limits the amount of time an engine can idle.

School Buses for Sale

The best way to ensure that the most up-to-date calibration is installed for your engine, is to connect the engine to INSITE. If an update is available, please contact your local Cummins representative or OEM dealer, and request a calibration update.

The most up-to-date maintenance schedule information is at QuickServe. Please verify that all of the recommended service events are followed, per the hours, miles and months schedule based on whichever number occurs first. For DPF maintenance, please ensure that the particulate filter has not exceeded the miles, hours, or months since the last cleaning or exchange event was to occur.

Allows the DPF to stay warm when, during an in-motion regeneration event, the vehicle speed drops below a specified threshold. When enabled, the engine will continue to provide additional heat to the DPF and assist with the regeneration event, until the moving speed target is met. Enabling the Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration Stay Warm feature can potentially eliminate the need for stationary regeneration. Consult your local OEM dealer and Cummins representative on the minimum vehicle speed limit that is applicable for your school bus.

Additionally, read your after-treatment performance data using INSITE, and make sure that the time between regenerations per after-treatment system reports is consistent. Following this checklistmaintaining good records of maintenance and service events, and adjusting the vehicle operation to limit prolonged low engine and vehicle speeds, should improve DPF performance and longevity.

For more information, please contact your local Cummins representative, or discover one at locator. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Saturday, April 18, Get help. STN Media. Partner Updates. This content is brought to you by Cummins Engine. Current Issue. April In most instances, school bus manufacturers are second stage manufacturers ; however, a few school buses typically those of Type D configuration utilize a body and chassis produced by a single manufacturer.

The North American school bus industry produces buses in four different body configurations, listed below:. Porterville, California Assembly. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness.

You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries. Type A Micro Bird, Inc. Conway, Arkansas Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Mitchell, Indiana — Richmond, Indiana — Conway, Arkansas Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. Richmond, Indiana Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Lima, Ohio Bluffton, Ohio. Los Angeles, California Chino, California. Maribor, Slovenia initial body assembly Van Nuys, California final assembly. This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it. Canastota, New York Indianapolis, Indiana. School Transportation News. Archived from the original on 1 January Retrieved 3 January Archived from the original PDF on 6 January Retrieved 5 January STN Media Group.

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